Frequently Asked Questions


LayerCompliance works like a virtual interview. Simply login to the dashboard and answer “yes” or “no” to questions about your current compliance activities for HIPAA and OSHA. With each answer, the system configures policies and procedures, compliance documentation and activity checklists based on your answers. Once all your answers are submitted, simply begin checking off items on your compliance task lists. The dashboard tracks your progress for your compliance activities. All documentation, including policies and procedures and reports, are stored in the online digital compliance binder, which can be accessed at any time.

No one can guarantee that your office will be compliant simply by purchasing services or products. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services warns against companies guaranteeing compliance. According to the HHS website: “HHS and OCR do not endorse any private consultants' or education providers' seminars, materials or systems, and do not certify any persons or products as ‘HIPAA compliant’.”* While LayerCompliance makes no guarantees or certifications of compliance, we do offer support to help you as you build your compliance programs using the tools provided.

* U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Security 101 for Covered Entities.

Unlike static binders and template documents, the LayerCompliance Platform is a dynamic system that not only automates compliance processes, but also documents compliance activities in real-time. Users of LayerCompliance receive tailored policies and procedures, compliance check-lists that are specific to your organization, and automatic reminders of compliance tasks that still need to be completed. Plus, unlike paper binders, the LayerCompliance dashboard, organizations can easily track which compliance activities have been completed and which tasks are still due from the glance of a screen.

Because compliance depends on many different factors, there is no set timeframe. However, because the LayerCompliance Platform is a selfdriven software, you are in control of how long your program takes. The system contains compliance modules for both HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security and OSHA & Infection Control. Within each of these modules, questions are broken up into manageable sections, giving you the freedom to finish the compliance review questions at your own pace. At any time, you can save your place and come back right where you left off. The dashboard also tracks your progress, making it easy to see where you are in the compliance process.

Unlike traditional paper binders and manuals that just sit on a shelf and collect dust, a digital binder contains up-to-date documentation that is generated based on your on-going, monthly reviews. The new digital compliance binder aims to simplify your compliance process. If you wanted printed manuals and checklists, that’s okay. You can print those from the dashboard, too!

Many companies offer one-day HIPAA or OSHA training and, upon completion, certify your office as “compliant”. If it seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. Training and compliance are very different. While a oneday, in-office training may satisfy some of the requirements for training under the HIPAA Privacy Rule or OSHA, it does not make an office compliant with all HIPAA or OSHA regulations, including the HIPAA Security Rule or Infection Control. Training is just one standard under the regulatory requirements for OSHA and HIPAA. True compliance with these regulations requires ongoing review and monitoring, not just training.

The LayerCompliance OSHA/Infection Control program was created based on federal OSHA regulations and the evidence-based recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for infection control in healthcare settings. In our experience, state-level requirements are based on the CDC guidelines or require offices to implement the CDC infection control guidelines, and LayerCompliance follows the CDC infection control guidelines for healthcare settings published as of 2018.

Currently, training included with the platform does not include CE credits. However, the training included does meet the requirements for federal regulations and CDC recommendations.