Take the "complicated" out of HIPAA.

Tailored HIPAA policies and procedures.

We ask you "yes" or "no" questions about your organization (i.e., Do you encrypt your servers?). Based on your answers, the LayerCompliance platform generates HIPAA policies and procedures that are specific to your clinic.

Online HIPAA staff training.

Unlimited, self-paced and accessed online. Hire someone mid-year? They can access HIPAA training at no additional cost.

HIPAA Risk Analysis.

Required by federal law. The LayerCompliance platform generates a risk analysis based on your "yes" or "no" answers.

MACRA/MIPS Reporting.

The LayerCompliance platform generates the reports necessary to meet the Security Risk Analysis measure of the Promoting Interoperability category for MACRA/MIPS at no extra charge.

Easy-to-follow digital task lists.

Track what has been completed and what is still due – all online. Users receive automatic notifications on the LayerCompliance dashboard of important tasks that need to be completed.

Automatic documentation.

All activity in the LayerCompliance platform is date and time-stamped, creating an audit trail.